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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Machine Knit Fight Song

Here are some scans of the Wittenberg scarf. Their colors are red and white.
I think I got pretty close to the shape of the letters in the logo. You can see with the capital letters in the main part of the scarf, the wrapping of the design was minimized.

The artistic license, if I can call it that, was to have the words wrap around the scarf so you have to know the fight song to realize what is being said. Kind of silly, but I hope she'll find it amusing. It will be warm for sure. It turned out to be 7 feet long and 10" wide, doubled. We're only half way through winter---so there are some challenging days ahead. Kind of depressing.

I hope they are not fussy about their logo---I'm not selling anything with it, so hopefully it will go under the radar. It's just a gift for a friend who is an alum from that school.

Do you like my funky "fringe"? I have an aversion to the stringy kind, so this is my substitution. Everyone has their weird things, right? That's mine.


Bella said...

Love love the scarf, and I think the wrap around lyrics are fantastic.
I thought I was the only one with a total aversion to fringe strings - glad to know I'm in good company there!
Your "edging" is brilliant :D

Mar said...

Thanks, Mary. I hope my friend gets a kick out of it. It's really warm too. Don't know how brilliant the "fringe" is, but it's funky.

Lynne said...

Brillant. What a great sense of humor and artistry!

Mar said...

Thanks. Was fun. Now I have to figure out the Gustavus one.