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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Are you a machine embroiderer?

I always say, you could be embroidering for 100 years with free machine embroidery designs downloaded from the internet.  Some freebies are better than others, of course.  Can't stop collecting them.  And I confess I purchase more than I probably should.  It is an addictive hobby like collecting yarn. 😊
This is one of the cutest freebies.  You can download it here:
This husband and wife team also do Youtube videos teaching digitizing and giving instructions on how to stitch their projects.
I did this bookmark for my grandson.  Putting together a bunch of little things for his Easter basket.  Not in the directions, but I stuck in some stiffener (left over stabilizer) on both front  and back between fabric layers  to give it some body.  This is the back side:

My only complaint is that sometimes the satin stitching isn't wide enough and you have to get dangerously close to the stitches when you trim the fabric.  But, should I complain about a free design?  Probably not.  If you have an embroidery machine, give this site a try.  Gotta think of things to keep oneself busy inside these days!

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Twisted Headbands for Babies

With this self-imposed quarantine, I have been getting a lot of sewing and knitting done.  I do wonder what people who have no hobbies are doing to keep themselves occupied.  I confess I also have watched a ton of movies and Youtube tutorials.
Since I am doing baby things for charity this year, I wanted to do some twisted headbands.  Cute or what!
These are all 1 x 1 rib on the standard gauge machine.  I started small (30 st x 70 rows) and for the succeeding ones added a few stitches and rows each time.  This is really skinny yarn, so I had to use T 4/3.   The smallest is 9" in circumference and the largest is 12" in circumference.  Probably premie to newborn.  They are nice and stretchy.
(The scanner let in some light on the left side---no variation in color in real life.)
These go sooooooooo fast.  I made these 4 in about an hour and then sewed the ends together while watching MONK.  (Must have not been aware of the series when it first came out on tv.)  I get a kick out of that actor.  He does a great job.  Wonder how many people can relate on some level.  I think we all have our oddities.
Anyway, if you do some charity knitting, I recommend doing these twisted headbands.  Very cute on babies.