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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Machine Knit Norwegian Mitten Quest

Pretty as they are, I guess these have to be considered a test sample.  For my average women's hand, there are some adjustments that need to be made.  The cuff isn't long enough for my liking.  Should be 2-3 inches longer so they're more like a gauntlet.  The thumb is a couple stitches too wide and long.  And, the whole mitt is 1/2 inch too wide.  At least I got the techniques down pat that I want to use.  They actually aren't very easy to knit-- getting things back in pattern, for example, after the thumb is knit.  And, if you don't like seaming, these aren't for you.  I designed them in DAK, so making the changes is super simple.  Gotta give 'em a rest for a while, though, and try again some other time.  After knitting  6 or 7 (I lost track) thumbs before one turned out ok, my patience is worn thin.

Last night at the guild meeting there was a huge participation in the mitten/hat/scarf challenge.  There were some good ones and some interesting ones and some freakishly odd ones.  Getting a good looking mitten isn't so easy.  The freakishly odd ones gave us a good laugh.  Something we evidently needed while the wind howled outside and the temps were way below zero fahrenheit.  The guild members rose to the challenge and knit mittens for the Hennepin County Burn Center this month.  I think there were about 30 pairs to donate.  (They go on top of bandages so need to be extra roomy.)  Mary Ann, our charity chairperson, had a final total for 2013.  There were 1100+ items donated to local charities.  I believe that's a record for us and given this winter's personality, they'll be used.

It's actually above zero today AND the sun is shining, an unusual combination for us.  Woo Hoo.  Tomorrow it's back to the deep freeze.  More knitting on the way.