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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Circular knit scarf on the bulky machine

Weird day here. You can only see about 20 feet because of the dense fog. I guess it's a result of warm air meeting cold. Just kind of eerie. The snow continues to melt at a pretty fast clip, but we still have a couple of feet of it. Now it looks like someone seasoned it with coarse black pepper. Not a pretty sight.

Still cold enough to wear scarves. This is one that I did with my circular technique mentioned in the previous post, but done on the bulky machine. If you're interested in purchasing the pattern, see the post below dated Sunday, February 13. I used 4 strands of thin yarn: one silk and 3 wool. The scarf is actually 4" wide x 6.5 feet long. I just stuck the ends in the scanner so you can't see the whole thing. The silk stank to high heaven when I washed it and the wool didn't smell much better. I think it was sitting around too long, but the slightly variegated look is nice. The silk is actually a burnt orange but it gets subdued with the blood red wool. I hand-washed the scarf in Oxyclean (being careful to not agitate too much to cause felting) and rinsed it with hair conditioner. Much better in all respects. This was just another attempt to use up some of the weird yarn around here. It's not like I NEED another scarf... but they're fun to make.