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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Free Machine Knitting Pattern for a Toddler Hat

It's been a long time since I entered anything in my blog! Time to get back into machine knitting. A challenge has been put forth in my machine knitting circle to knit ourselves a birthday present this year. That is, we are to knit one charity hat for each of our years on Earth. For some of us, that's a real challenge! I'm plugging away at it and have 5 done so far this month. Suffice it to say, I have many to go...

Here's the hat I knit today. It's really easy and fast. Just to keep it interesting, each of my hats will be different. I'm not so good at production knitting, I guess. Here are the directions.
Dangling Daisies Hat for a Toddler
Machine: Standard Gauge 4.5 mm, with ribber or garter carriage
Yarn: Any that knits to gauge
Gauge: 8 stitches x 11 rows = 1”
Finished size: With brim folded up, 7. 5” tall x 8.5” wide to fit a 2-4 year old
Directions: Cast on for 1x1 rib over 141 stitches. T 0/0 knit selvage 3 rows. (Refer to your manual.) T 2/2 K 40 rows. Transfer stitches to main bed, T 6 knit 70 rows. Knit waste yarn for several rows. Remove from machine, fold so right sides are together. Hang 2 matching stitches (front and back) together across the needle bed, and bind off around gate pegs. Seam side seam. Pick up 4 stitches at one corner at the top. Set machine to slip one way, knit the other way for I cord. Weight knitting with your hand. Knit 42 rows for stem. For petals,* knit an additional 40 rows, count back 20 rows, pick up and hang whole stitch on one of the middle needles. * Repeat from * to * for 4 more petals. Bind off. Make stem and petals on other corner. For flower, omit stem, ewrap cast on over 4 needles. Knit 5 petals, attach securely to ribbing. Hide all yarn ends and neaten the petals if necessary.

Fast, easy, cute, and silly! More hat patterns to follow. Stay tuned!


Jemajo said...

Totally sweet, Mar!
I love the little flowers dangling from the stems on top :D
This is one I definitely have to try.

Anonymous said...

how do I slip one way on a knitmaster 560 as cant seem to find it anywhere, and would to make these for my grand daughters

Mar said...

Actually, I'm not familiar with your machine. But lately, rather than doing an I cord, I've been just knitting the number of stitches I want to make the size of the cord I want. No slipping. After you take it off the machine it automatically rolls and looks just as good, if not better, than I cord. Much faster too.