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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Done with college stuff for a while

My Gustavus scarf didn't work out so well, because I was having such a time with static. Had to rip it out several times and got discouraged, so I decided to do hotpads instead.

By this time, I had done all my anti-static measures and they worked. If you've had static, try putting yourself and your yarn on anti-static mats. Northtipton also has some copper mesh that helps. I sprayed the yarn with Lori Lynn Yarn spray, put wax on the mast, ran a dryer sheet over the needle bed periodically, ran my humidifier and also slathered hand lotion on my hands every 15 minutes. The combination of all these measures evidently worked. No more mispatterning or dropped stitches. Man, hate that static.

The hotpads are 100% cotton and the floats are so numerous that they provide the insulation. Kind of dumb, but these were gag gifts anyway. I did them on the standard gauge machine with 3 strands of really thin cotton for each color. They're 70 stitches wide x 180 rows long, about 10" square. I started and ended with waste yarn, doubled them lengthwise and kitchener stitched the ends together. I mattress stitched the side seams and put a 3 stitch I cord in one corner (80 rows). Not so difficult!!!

This is the front of #1

This is the back of #1.

This is the front of #2

This is the back of #2.

Gustavus' roots are Swedish Lutheran, so I thought the snowflakes would be appropriate or at least ok. (Lots of good floats, anyway.)

Yea for DesignaKnit, but it's time to move on to something else.