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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Free Pattern for child's earflap hat on the midgauge

As you can see, I'm using up a cone of wool for my charity knitting. Here's another really easy midgauge pattern for you. Once again, I hope you donate to the cause of your choice.
Machine: LK 150, KX 350, or SR 860
Yarn: Lt worsted abt 3.5 ounces
Tension: 5 st x 7 rows at T 7
Sizes: child’s sm (med, lg)
Note: when making the ear flaps, don’t wrap the end needles. Unwrap those that wrap ---the yarn will be on top. You will make little holes that aid in folding the doubled flap so that it lies flat.

Cast on over 71 (81,91) needles with waste yarn and knit a few rows. With main yarn T7 knit to RC 12 (14,16).
Make earflaps- Put 7(9,9) needles on right in holding position, next 17 (19,22) in working position and the rest in holding position. Cut yarn, set carriage for hold. Knit 2 rows. *put one stitch in holding position both sides, K2 rows*. As the flap starts to make a pouch, wt down with your hand or use claw wts and move them up every 2 rows. Continue from * to * until 3 st are left, K2rows. ^Put one stitch both sides back into work, K 2 rows.^ Continue from ^ to ^ until all ear flap st are back in work. Cut yarn, put carriage on other side and knit the other ear flap the same way.
Take machine off hold. Knit 12(14,16) rows on all Needles. Hang hem. T 10 knit one row to seal hem. RC 000. T 7 knit to RC 36 (40, 44). Decrease for top- transfer every other stitch to neighbor and put emptied N out of work. T 3 knit two rows. Take stitches off machine one by one, cinch up tight and sew side seam. Hide yarn tails.

I cord ties: with inside of flap facing you, hang 3 stitches from end of ear flap. Set machine to knit one way, slip the other. At T4, knit 64 rows. Bind off by putting outer stitches on center N, cut yarn leaving a 6” yarn tail to sew the tassel onto the tie, pull through. Make a tassel for the end and use the 6” yarn tail to attach it to the tie. Repeat for other tie.
Optional---pom pom or I cords for the top. If you pull the yarn tight, the hole closes enough that you don’t need anything. This is a very cute, fast and warm hat for charitable or gift giving. You can add a fairisle pattern or stripes if you wish


Rhonda Junkins~Maine Real Estate~207-793-8228 said...

Hi! Thank you for your pattern - I chose the directions for a med child - but it came out "doll" sized - still very cute - I'm new to machine knitting - love your blog and now a follower - please keep posting - I feel like I learned a lot just from this project! I hope you had a great Christmas and wish you the very best for a great 2010.

Mar said...

Yikes! Doll sized? Are you sure you used a midgauge machine? I'm glad you learned something from it anyway, so all was not lost. I hope you had a nice Christmas too. Hard to believe it will be 2010 soon.

kckid68 said...

How can I make this on a Bond 8mm gauge machine? My 18yr DGD would love it!!

Mar said...

Hi kckid68---If you can knit a swatch and get the same gauge you'll end up with a hat that fits a 7-9 year old. If you need larger, you'd have to add stitches and rows. Maybe just try it and see about the size.

Pilar Quiroz said...

Es muy lindo! gracias por darnos la idea del i-cord.

Mar said...

de nada

byxilaa said...

Thank you very much for this tutorial! I made my first cup without a problem and they are great!

irishwing1 said...

I cant send this to my email even after I tried to print the pattern printed nothing.Very disappointing or is there something I'm not doing right?

Mar said...

If you send me your email address (mine is on my home page) I can send you the pattern. What I do is left click, hold and drag down what I want to save so that it's highlighted. Then right click and choose copy. Open a word processing program, like MICROSOFT wORD, open a new file and paste in the info. Let me know if you're still having trouble.

Anonymous said...

can this be made using knitting needles?.Am not a great knitter and a machine would be out of the question I would need needle size,guage,type of yar,how much and all of that good stuff. the hat looks cute .

Mar said...

I think it would be better to find a similar one that is hand knit. sorry....