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Friday, March 17, 2023

The Evil Static Monster Strikes Again

Long post----ignore if you don't have a static problem.

In my last post I mentioned that I was having a little static issue.  And if you look carefully at the doggie sweater you can see some pattern errors.   Well, the problem got worse and worse.  None of the tactics I have always used and that always worked before fixed the problem.  Thinking I was the anti-static queen, years ago I did a post that listed several strategies should your machine become infected. I should mention that I recommended an anti-static wrist band that people who work on computers use.  I have since been told that wearing one was worse than useless and would turn you and the machine into a Frankenstein crazy static loop.  However, the other suggestions were useful if your static issue isn't super horrible.

So, I doubled down doing all the things I have done in the past.  Even bought a new sponge bar, thinking the old was causing my issue.  Then I thought the pattern I downloaded to my 970 was faulty or Gasp! the 970 was dying.  Looked at a lot of Youtube videos o the subject, but none exactly fit my particular situation.

I wrote to Michael Becker of Distinctive Knits because he has helped me with other things in the past.  He recommended I construct a grounding cable and connect the machine with  it to the grounding part of an electrical wall outlet.  I replied that I was unreasonably proud of myself when I can successfully change a lightbulb.  No way could I construct one.

Then a machine knitter, Sherry, contacted me about the Doing DAK book I had written.  I told Sherry about the problem I was having and what Michael Becker recommended.  And coincidentally she is super knowledgeable about electricity.  She found a ready-made grounding cable for me on Amazon!!! This is what I purchased.  The same company sells a cheaper one that is 8 ft long, but I figured the longer one would work better for my set-up.

So simple to use. First you push the pointy end into the alligator clip, attach the clip to the mast of your machine, then plug the other end into the wall outlet so that it is grounded.  Voila!!! It works and no more mispatterning. Easier than changing a lightbulb almost. I still spray my yarn with Lori Lynn Yarn spray and use dryer sheets, but my problem seems to be fixed primarily by this cable.  I have since knit several swatches with and without the ribber with NO PROBLEMS. 

Sherry and I have become email friends, which is really fun, and she is in the process of making these cables for the members of her machine knitting club.  Serandipity that this worked out the way it did and I am super grateful to her for researching cables to get me the best one for the knitting machine.


Jude said...

Hmmm.... Interesting. I think I'm having some static issues with my g carriage. I've tried all the internet hacks... But 3 of my g carriages which were all working fine are all suddenly acting up. Do you think this could work for them ?

Mar said...

It sure would be worth giving the cord a try. Attach the alligator clip to the mast. Not expensive so nothing to lose.