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Sunday, June 21, 2020

Diana Sullivan's Fingerless Mitts

This is one of my favorite patterns.  It's a free one on Diana's blog:

I'm surprised it was almost 7 years ago.
Because of the yarn I used (Mary Lue's Wintuck) I found I needed to loosen the tension and add 2 stitches in width of the cuff, hand and thumb. Otherwise, I followed the pattern for stitch type and row count.  They fit nicely. In the scan it looks like the thumb pooches out but actually when worn fits snug to the thumb.  The pattern is easy and I think clever.
I'm making items that can be used as Christmas presents in a group home.  

I've sewn and embroidered 30 zip pouches, which I'll photograph one of these days.  Other than gardening, crafts are my main occupation.  Waiting for a vaccination like everyone else before venturing out too much.

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