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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Norwegian Sweaters

Here's a picture of some of the guild members who took my Norwegian sweater class.  Actually, another gal and I taught it together over a period of 3 months.  We systematically took one step at a time.   None of the class participants had knit fairisle before, much less a whole sweater.  I'm proud of them!!! They all did the same basic pattern with slight modifications.  All were done on the standard gauge machine.   Plans to knit more are in the works.


Slisen said...

Gorgeous sweaters. I love seeing all the smiles of accomplishment!

Sandra said...

Thank you so much for sharing!!Beautiful sweaters..and the facial expressions on each person - tells it all! How wonderful of you to share your talents!!

Love the pattern...could you please share - where the pattern is available? Would love to knit one myself!!

Sandra in Colorado mountains

Mar said...

We started by picking out 24 or so Drops patterns to choose from, i.e. patterns that would work nicely on our machines. They all basically ended up chosing the same pattern and then did slight variations. I think they were Drops 52-22 and U653. Many of the Drops patterns are 24 stitch repeats so they work fine for punch card machines as well as electronics. You can access the Norwegian patterns (for all ages) at
They used to sell their patterns and now they are free! With this crazy spring weather, it sounds like you could use a warm sweater!!!

kmederich said...

Could you please let me know when you do another class? A friend and I would love to take it. I live in Osceola and she lives in Minneapolis.

Thank you!