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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Silly Machine Knit Project

Needing a mindless kind of project, I decided to knit a pencil bag for my grandson.  He's starting to draw a little so I bought regular pencils and colored pencils for him.  Now he has a place to store them.

On the standard machine, I used Mary Lou's Symphony yarn at tension 8.  Mine is 60 stitches wide by 61 rows tall.  The dimensions are approximately 9" wide by 4" tall.  The words are placed about in the center or maybe a little lower to allow for the zip at the top:
I knit the back first (61 rows) then the front.  I started with a crochet cast on and ended with a bind off around the gate pegs so the edges would be firm.  I used some polka dotted cotton and seamed it, seamed the knit part, then inserted the lining into the bag, sewed in the zipper.  The zipper pull has a little ribbon piece to more easily grab onto.

I have the Designaknit file if anyone wants it.  Just email me and I'll send it to you.  Any machine could be used.  If you don't have DAK, you could hand pull the contrasting color.


Sheryl Evans said...

What a super grandma you are to encourage him that way. He is a lucky little boy. :)

Mar said...

Thanks, Sheryl. Actually, I'm the incredibly lucky grandma!

Sandy said...

How cute!!

Mar said...

Aw, thanks!

Kiddie Clubhouse said...

Love this! Do you have the DAK file?

Mar said...

The file is on its way to you.