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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Personalized scarf - Machine knit

It's hard to find gifts for men--I think---so I decided to knit my nephew a scarf with some things pertaining to him on it.  I'm lazy so the pictures are from my scanner, which is easier to get to than my camera and download cord.

 It's fun to design things like this in DesignaKnit.  It took a couple of hours to decide what the design should be but also only 2 hours to knit it start to finish.  It's 9" wide and 7 feet long, doubled.  He doesn't like wool, so it's plain ol' Mary Lou's Symphony (acrylic) yarn.The front side has the St. Olaf lion, the college he graduated from,  and the words "um ya ya", which is one of the college songs.  The other side of the front is our family cabin called "Biorn Bakken" with a fish on it because he is an avid fisherman.
The back has his initials, the words Norske, his high school, a skier and the word "uffda"
 Maybe you'd have to be Norwegian-American to get most of this, but he will.  
This is what the center of the scarf looks like, both sides.  Was relieved when the seaming came out ok!  This is maybe an idea for you if you have DesignaKnit and can whip one out in short order.


Slisen said...

Awesome scarf, just awesome! I'm sure he'll love it.

rett og vrang said...

I love the scarf! My husband's name is Bjørn :-) Big hug from Norway, Synnøve

Mar said...

Somehow the Bjorn got changed to Biorn when the relatives came from Norway. My maiden name!

Mar said...

Thanks, Sandy. Haven't talked to him yet, so the verdict is still out. He's baby sitting Gertie, so will talk to him soon.