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Monday, November 4, 2013

Stocking Stuffer

Our  machine knitting guild has an annual holiday newsletter that has lots of ideas for gift giving or just for fun.  This is my contribution this year.  Easy and quick.  You could probably get a lot more creative with the idea, but it's a starting point anyway.  Great for using up bits of yarn that you don't know what else to do with.

Stocking Stuffer Idea:  Scented Sashays for Closets
Package(s) of scented  filler  (I got mine at Michaels)
Lace trims that are already ruffled and ribbons, other decorative items;  Any yarn, a few ounces; Sewing machine
Any knitting machine

Guestimate your gauge so that you arrive at about 4” x 4” for the square and large enough for any shapes you might use.  Knit two sides separately with a closed cast on and a permanent bind off. For the heart, cut a template out of cardboard. Trace the heart onto one of the knit pieces.  (Ok to use any writing implement if you sew inside of the lines.)  Pin lace extending toward the center around the perimeter of the square/outline of the heart.  (See diagram below) Sew with sewing machine close to the edge.  Put the other side on top leaving a space to turn right side out.  Knit a little I cord for a hanger or use ribbon, again tucked to the interior. Machine sew the front to the back remembering to leave a space to turn right side out.  For the heart, sew just inside your tracing so the ink doesn’t show.  It is easier to cut off the excess knit fabric after you’ve sewn your shape.  Turn right side out.  Stuff with the scented filler.  Sew the opening shut by hand.

Other ideas:  use a fairisle pattern, tuck stitches, lace, words or names. Use different shapes.

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Slisen said...

Very pretty....quick, easy and practical also. Nice little gifties.