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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Guess who is walking!!!

He and his fam are coming for Christmas in 9 days!!!  So much to do and I can barely remember how to child-proof a house for a 14 month old. He's in constant motion---we'll just have to shadow him every minute and sleep when he does.  At least this old lady will have to nap.

Speaking of trouble, if you were wondering where the wild thing is,  tis here.  (Funny gift hat from someone. Maybe he'll need it in this Minnesota weather.)  But isn't he a good candidate for cutest baby of the year?
Actually, I have been knitting a little.  I'll take some photos and put up pretty soon.

Merry Christmas preparations to you!


Slisen said... the fun begins! Like the hat.

My One and Only said...

Such a cutie! I love Wee-Little once!