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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Marley's unusual scarf to knit

I've been wanting to knit this funky scarf for some time. It's a fun one to do and is really simple. Here are three versions of the chain link scarf:
HAND KNIT VERSION I believe the original idea (not 100% sure) was posted on Knitty. Here's the “link”appropriately enough to the hand knit version. The author called it “Marley's Ghost”. It's fulled/ felted, so there's an idea for you. The circles ended up being more round than the unfelted version, it looks like. Eye-catching, no?
MIDGAUGE VERSION Knit by Jane N. who is a member of my mk guild, knitter extraordinaire. She casts on with contrasting colored waste yarn, knits main yarn 60 rows of 10 stitches in stockinette letting selvedge roll so that stockinette shows on right side. Leaves a tail of main yarn long enough to do the kitchener stitching. Knits 10 rows contrasting color waste yarn and removes from machine. Knits the rest of the strips, alternating black and color, 15 links in all. Jane says,“This was such a hit with my god daughter that I made one for myself. It is surprisingly warm and made me into a scarf convert.” (She is 'janeknits2' on Ravelry if you'd like to see her other projects.) You can see her scarf on her project page.
STANDARD GAUGE I made one out of some neon hot pink yarn... hopefully some little girl will like it when our guild donates to the Salvation Army. I used a standard gauge machine, T8, Mary Lou's Symphony (any yarn that knits on your machine will work), 22 stitches, 80 rows of main yarn, 14 links. Notes: Kitchener stitch the first link into a circle. Remove waste yarn. Next links, slip one end through finished circle and kitchener shut to make a new link. Easiest to do kitchener stitch from the purl side and then roll it so that the stockinette side is outward. Difficult to take a pic without a person or a dress form.... Just a few ideas for you. Now and then I get bored with all knitting so I have to do something different. This filled the bill. OH! and, Happy Mother's Day!

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