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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Baby Snuggle Bag

Not sure what to call this. It's like a sleeping bag for newborns. Cuddle sack? Bunting? If you search on Ravelry, you'll find lots of them. The newborns have their arms inside, older babies have the sack pulled up to their armpits. Anyway, what could be easier to knit? It's just a long rectangle folded and seamed at the sides.

I used a midgauge machine (Silver Reed 860 with ribber), Tension 3 for the stockinette and tension 3/3 for the ribs. I didn't do the rib very tightly because I didn't want it to pull in. The gauge before washing was 5.25 st x 7.75 rows. After laundering 6 st x 8.25 rows. It's Conshohoken 100% cotton. Really soft. I have machine washed and dried it and so it shrank an inch both directions. The finished dimensions are 10.5" wide x 15 inches long with the ribbing folded over 5". No doubt you have different yarn than I have, so if you want to make it, figure out your gauge and calculate so that you have the finished dimensions of approximately 10.5" x 15", good for a newborn. Do about 5" of ribbing, 30" of stockinette and another 5" of ribbing.

For mine, I cast on 63 stitches, knit 36 rows in 1 x 1 rib, changed to stockinette. RC 000, knit to Row 240. Then transferred for rib and knit the 36 rows of ribbing. Seamed, ends worked in and laundered...done.

I think it's probably good for up to 4-5 months before the baby starts to roll around too much. The large ribbing gives some lee-way as far as length is concerned. Might embroider a little something on it to jazz it up a bit. Still have one in the works with sleeves. Need to finish that.

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