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Friday, February 11, 2011

The Stripster Revisited, a machine knit pattern

I always get a kick out of it when someone knits my patterns. Saskia from the Netherlands posted this project on Ravelry and credited me with the pattern. (It's the Stripster, which you can find on the sidebar at the right, a free pattern.) I wrote to her and she gave permission for me to post her scarf picture on my blog. I love the result! I didn't recognize the yarn she used. I doubt it could be purchased in the US, but the nice thing about the pattern is that any yarn is suitable. As is any machine, for that matter.

Here's what she said about her modifications to the pattern:
• I started every strip with 4 st., knit 4 rows
• (incr. 2 st and knit 4 rows) until 10 st.
• knit 50 rows before connecting the next strip.
• knit desired length. -stop connecting, knit 50 rows and decrease the same way.

Tension on Brother 260 (chunky) too low: 4. Next time with this yarn it should be on about 7, I guess. Scarf feels a bit stiff and doesn’t have a nice drape. Added some beads for embellishment.

Yea for the internet and yea for Ravelry. They connect people and ideas so easily.

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