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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Puppy Paw Preservers

PPP'ers (Puppy Paw Preservers)

By Mar Heck ©2010

Never thought I'd find myself doing such an odd thing, but here they are. Our Keeshond, our third child, loves the cold weather. The colder, the better. We've been experiencing 17-20 degrees below zero Fahrenheit this winter. Never mind the wind chill. She runs outside, does her biz, rolls in the snow a bunch of times, then spreads herself full length on the iciest spot she can find. She doesn't know when to quit and her paws are suffering. So--------I thought I'd make her some pittens (mittens for her paws) or PPP'ers (can't decide which name I like better) and learn some more about my Silver Reed 860 midgauge at the same time. I started with the cuff, made some eyelets so I could have a drawstring to keep them on her legs, then knit the mitten part circular, decreasing for the tip.

This is Gertie---the cold loving Keeshond. I guess with all that fur, you can see why she doesn't mind our Arctic weather. The pads of her paws are another story, however. Here's the pattern.

Machine: Silver Reed 860 midgauge with ribber

Yarn: Mary Lou's Schuss Plus, 100% wool, a light worsted weight about 150 grams

Gauge: At T 6/6 for mitt, 6 st and7 rows to one inch

Finished size: 6.5" long and 3.5 inches wide including ribbing. Gertie is a 40 lb mid sized dog. (Not as big as she looks under all that fur.) You may need to adjust up or down for your pooch.


Cuff---ewrap cast on for 1 x 1 rib (or use your manual's cast on) and knit 16 rows of ribbing at T 3/3 over Left 21-Right 20 on main bed. Transfer rib stitches to main bed, knit 2 rows with regular carriage. Transfer every other stitch to neighboring needle to make eyelets. Keep emptied needles in work, knit 2 rows. Put half the stitches on hold, machine to hold, take other half off on waste yarn. Change to T 6/6. Don't cut yarn.

Mitt---Set your machine to knit circularly. (Consult your manual.) Carriage will be on the right. Do a free pass to get it to the left where the yarn end will end up. Fold the cuff so that you can hang the half on waste yarn onto the ribber. RC 000, Knit 33 rows. Decrease one stitch each side, both beds with a 2 prong tool. (Move one stitch over, keeping the edge stitch the same.) Decrease down to 8 stitches on main bed. Cut main yarn with a 10" tail for seaming. Keeping the circular settings, knit 18 rows waste yarn. Remove from machine and kitchener stitch the toe stitches shut. Hide yarn end. Seam the side of the cuff with a mattress stitch.

I Cord--- Cast on 3 stitches with contrasting yarn (just for fun), set machine to knit one way and slip the other. Knit 260 rows. Bind off. Tie a knot in one end and weave it in and out of the eyelet rows. Tie a knot in the other end and make a nice bow. Your dog will be grateful, just as the gorgeous Gert is.

1 comment:

Laritza said...

Will she wear them? I made some for my dog once and she refused to walk with them now I have to massage her paws when she comes in. Sometimes she will go out, run, run back in for a paw massage and go back out!