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Saturday, January 16, 2010


I just added the gadget "Knitmeter" to my blog. It's going to be fun seeing how many meters I run through in 2010 (if I keep up with it). I'm used to thinking in yards, but I just looked it up and here's the lowdown: 1 meter - 1.0936133 yards. 1:1 is good enough for me. My brain can't wrap around the .0936133.

The bulk of what I've knit this month I haven't put up on the blog because the items are for the summer issue of Knitwords, so you'll have to take my word for it.

One mile = 1,609.34 meters
So, that's another thought provoking thing. I have knit slightly over a mile in 1/2 month.

I'm thinking of knitting Diana Sullivan's round baby blanket as a felted "foot-upon". (As opposed to the famous "sit-upon"s that hunters and people in really cold climates use.) That ought to use up a few meters. Where my husband sits at his computer, the wall and floor are really cold. We had extra insulation put in last summer, but evidently not enough. So, I thought this felted thing could go between the wall and his feet. Good way to use up scraps of wool yarn.

Geewillikers. Knitting machines are cool. It would take a lonnnnnnnnnng time for a hand knitter to get as far as I have in less than a month.


TracyKM said...

How do you get the Knitmeter badge? I'm pretty challenged when it comes to adding buttons to my blog--I don't think I've done one that worked!
It would be nice if Ravelry had an automatic feature, when you mark a project as completed, to tally up your yearly total!

Mar said...

Tracy---go to the knitmeter website and follow the directions for your particular blog. Let me know if you have trouble.