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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

American Girl Doll Scarf Pattern

What's nice about retirement is that you can waste time with a minimal amount of guilt. Usually.

I thought the little red coat needed a little red scarf. I machine knit it, but if you have the time and patience, you could hand knit it easily. So, here it is:
Machine: Standard gauge 4.5 mm with ribber
Yarn: Mary Lou's Solo - or similar wt
Gauge: T 5 13 st and 7.5 rows =1"
Finished size: without pom pom's,
1 1/4" wide x 16" long

Ewrap cast on for 2 x 2 rib. Have one stitch both sides on the main bed and 2 x 2 arrangement for the rest. Knit one row T 0/0. Hang 7 wires and med wt. (The knitting is too skinny to add a ribber cast on comb.). Change to T 5/5 and knit 120 rows. Transfer st to main bed and cast off. With the yarn tails fold the ends in half and tack down. Make 2 small pom poms and sew onto the ends.

If knitting by hand, I'd guess you'd use a size 3 needle, cast on and knit 2 x 2 rib for 16", bind off. Make and attach the pom pom the same.

In different proportions, this would make a nice scarf for a little girl. I like the fact that the edges don't roll. Yea, ribber! I'm liking you more every day.

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