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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Summer has arrived in Minnesota

Sorta. It's been the most cloudy and dreary spring and summer that I can remember. O well, can't complain about what you have zero control over. Seems to be an occupation---complaining about the weather---that humans like to indulge in.

I've been gardening some. This is my main garden. Reduced from days of yore, more manageable for me. Looks probably the best now that it will look, although photos are always disappointing. I struggle with deer, shade and tree roots being so close to the dense woods. My favorite flower---for lots of reasons, is dahlias. Here is one of the first whose tuber was saved from last year. The color is yummy. Upon recommendation from my sister, I bought some SpraynGrow. Haven't used it yet, but hope that does well by my roses (other side of the yard). Hers are out of this world and I don't expect to ever have roses that fine. I'm jealous. I'm thinking the lighter pink one is as close to perfection as is possible. Reminiscent of Georgia O'Keefe.

Have been knitting up a storm too, but can't show pictures yet because the items are going in the MN State Fair.

PS Windows Live Writer crashed my computer, so I'm back to the regular Blogger software. grrrrrrrrrrr is all I'll say. Didn't want to recommend it after all.


Unknown said...

Interesting thought. I wonder, are Dahlias deer resistant?
Garden looks lovely, so organized. Mind is more, let's see what happens with these seeds........

Mar said...

Hi Susan,
Yup, I should have said that the deer resistance is one of the reasons I started to collect and love dahlias. I like the short ones, not the dinner plate ones because they have more blooms. Dahlias smell like turpentine. Never once have the deer even nibbled, all the while they are getting their fill of supposedly poisonous plants.