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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Still hat weather here...

Winter has let us know in no uncertain terms that it is still with us. The temp was 17 F today, but it felt like minus 17 F with the wind as strong as it was. I'm ready to call it a done deal and get on with spring. At least the sun was shining today. That helps.

I had promised myself that I would use up some of my yarn this winter and contribute to our guild's kids' hats Salvation Army donation. So far, I've got two done. I'll share the pattern for the long stocking hat in case anyone is interested.

Made for charity 2-09-to fit 10 yrs and older.
Standard gauge
Yarn: Mary Lue’s Symphony/Solo -- teal, red, purple, turquoise, tan
Gauge: 7 st x 10 r = 1”
Finished size: At brim, 18” wide, 24” long with brim rolled up
Mock rib - Cast on eon with waste yarn, knit a few rows, T 7, 130 N. One row ravel cord. Start with main yarn keeping to eon for mock rib. Knit 36 rows. Hang hem. OR do a regular hem on every needle, knit 36 rows and hang stitches. OR do regular ribbing. Put all N in work. Change to T 8 and add one stitch both sides. RC 000. Knit 20 rows in stripes x 4. RC 80. *Decrease every 6th stitch across, knit a row same color, take off on wy and rehang so there are no empty N. (Or, use garter bar.) Knit 20 rows new color.* Repeat from * to * until you have about 20 stitches left. Draw up on a long piece of yarn to be used for seaming. Remove waste yarn, run in ends. Mattress stitch the side seam. Make a tassle and attach to end.

I rolled the brim up, but it could stay down too. Uneven stripes or fairisle would make a dandy hat too.

Lazy wench that I am, I didn't photograph it but just stuck it under the scanner. So the picture above is kind of wimpy. The hat reminds me of stocking hats from many years ago. I think you could make it even longer and use the end to wrap around the neck as a scarf and hat all-in-one deal. Maybe I'll do that next and use up even more yarn!

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