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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Out of the past

My niece just posted a pic on Facebook of her daughter wearing a sweater I designed for Knitwords several years ago. Maybe 4 years ago? Can't remember which issue. I had given it to Jessie for her older daughter, her firstborn. Is cute and fits this sweet child well. The back of the sweater has an upside down ice cream cone having fallen on the ground, with the word "Oops!" I had used several online translators to get the phrases for "I LOVE ICE CREAM", but I think some of them were slightly off. Oh well, most people don't speak that many languages and would be none the wiser. If they knew how to fix the spelling, they could do so when knitting it. Fun to see Liv wearing it and fun to remember this design.

The private snow plow companies in the Twin Cities must be hurting. We got about 3/4" overnight and the plow came this morning to do our long driveway. Grrrrrrrrrrr, it's $40 a crack or I wouldn't mind so much. I suppose now that I have publicly complained, it will snow again today and they'll come back for double the money.

Have been in a bit of a knitting slump lately. Always seems to happen to me in January. Too much knitting before Christmas, I suppose. Instead,I have gotten interested in painting on silk. Have purchased supplies and dyed two scarves so far. It's painful to be a beginner where you do not have really a clue as to what you are doing and you make a gazillion mistakes. It's fun anyway and I have already worn one of the scarves. Pics to follow if I get the camera fired up and the ensuing scarves aren't toooooooo horrible to look at. It's fascinating watching the dye spread out over the silk. Magical, really. I feel another addiction coming on. If you're interested in silk painting, You Tube has lots of examples and Dharma Trading Co. is a wonderful site for info.

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