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Friday, December 12, 2008

Textured Scarf - aka The Easiest Scarf in the World

This morning I knocked off another Christmas present. I combined some slubby mill end yarn with lace weight and used a tuck stitch to keep the stitches open and show off the yarn. This scan doesn't do it justice. It's nice! Here is the tuck stitch.

I used 100 stitches at T 10 on the standard and did 800 rows. Originally I was just going to steam it and leave it single layer, but it rolled too much. So I sewed it into a tube on my sewing machine, turned it right side out and steamed a little. I liked the purl side best. If you were to make this on a midgauge or bulky, you'd need less stitches and rows. Any slubby yarn or combination of yarns would be nice. I love that knitting machines give you almost instant gratification. Love to hand knit, but when you need something in a hurry, this is it. I think the scarf took about an hour to make once I decided on the yarn. How long would it have taken me to hand knit a scarf 6 feet long by 12 inches wide??? I hate to think how long...

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