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Monday, April 28, 2014

Machine Knit Lutin

Sometimes I like to just fool around on my knitting machines with no big goal in mind.  I found this little guy on Ravelry and converted it to a machine knit toy.  I thought it was as cute as a bug's ear.  With no embroidery on the face and no stuffing except for the head, he looks vintage to me.  I tweaked the original pattern a little, especially the extremities because I found it really hard to tie the knots with the fabric doubled.  Otherwise all credit goes to Phildar.

I tried taking pictures of him without a flash and consequently, got weird folds and dark shadows.  He's  really a nice clean baby blue.  Honest!

I built the schematic in DesignaKnit and sometimes the program puts the even numbers on the left and the odd numbers on the right----opposite to where you want your carriage to be.  So, I suggest you ignore one side and just do the same on the other side since the sides are a mirror image. I knit him on a standard gauge machine but you could do your math and redo the pattern to fit a midgauge or bulky.  Lutin is knit in 3 pieces.  Two identical bodies and one hat. He measures about 10" tall and 8" wide.  Good for an extra baby gift, charity or yourself (no diaper changing involved.)

I hope you can read my directions----Blogger reduced the size a little.  If you click on the diagram you will get a slightly larger picture.  Then you can right click and save the image to your Paint program (or any other image processing program.)  It should enlarge a little and be easier to read.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Fools

Methinks Mother Nature is playing jokes on us.  Supposed to be spring, right?  Tell that to the skies over Minnesota  A look out my front door:
It's times like this that I am so glad to have a hobby (machine knitting) where I can stay in, stay warm and stay occupied. 

Hope it's warmer where you live.  In contrast, here's my little guy at the ocean:
Love the little wet butt.