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Friday, March 8, 2013

Machine knit scarf/shawl

I should be getting my tax info ready for the accountant....but I have to really be in the mood to do that stuff.  Maybe if I do a post, I'll get my head around it.  Bah.

I got this idea from Linda's blog:

but I made some modifications to the pattern.  Used my late departed bulky machine, T10, and instead of the 22 stitches she used, I worked with 34 stitches to make more of a shawl.  It took two skeins of Joanne Fabrics' Sensations Boucle', the smaller skein which is 6 ounces, I think.  (or 9 ounces???)  Also, every 10 rows or so, I knit two extra plain rows.  It seemed to be going so slowly, I got impatient and I didn't really want it so ruffly.  I just kept on knitting until most of the yarn was gone and there was enough to bind off with.    Actually, instead of letting the ends just hang down as is pictured,  I usually tie it once and it stays on well.  It curls slightly and hugs the shoulders.

Sorry for the dumb, out of focus picture, but maybe you get the idea.   So easy!!!  Didn't steam it, let the edge roll slightly. I love the colors in this yarn and when it was so cold here, having this scarf/shawl around my shoulders really kept me toasty.

Certainly got enough of short rowing for the time being....