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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

DesignaKnit Lettering

Now, why didn't I think of this before?

I am making these scarves with words on them. The first one (black and white) I used lower case lettering and capitalized where appropriate. With two plain rows between lines of text, I had rows with just a few stitches in them and gargantuan floats. Think the bottom of a 'y' or a 'g' or the tops of 't' or 'h' for some examples. So, thinking I could get more stitches to appear across the row, I moved the text up so some things sort of overlapped. Still had gargantuan long floats, had to do a lot of wrapping with separate lengths of yarn, very very tedius. Looks ok on the front, but harder than machine knitting is meant to be. I didn't want to do dbj so felt I was stuck.

Then, while fooling around designing the second scarf, I did all the text in capital letters. There are two plain rows between each line of text. Voila' no trailers hanging down or sticking up!!! Such a simple thing and it will make knitting the scarf 10x faster!!! See the screen captures below:

Even if you don't use DesignaKnit but use some other method of inputting designs (text) into your knitting machine, I'm thinking this might help you.