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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tuck Stitch Cowl

Made a cowl using a built-in tuck stitch on my Brother 970 standard gauge machine. It could be made on other machines too, nothing special about that. It's knit flat then seamed. You can see the seam down the middle of the picture. It measures 29" wide x 10" long. Of that 10" there is an inch of 1 x 1 rib on both ends. This was a mill end wool yarn, probably lace weight. Thinner than sport or dk for sure. Then I ran a strand of variegated yarn along with it. The texture is interesting on one side because you can see the zig zags. And on the back side, the variegated yarn showed up much more, as though it were plaited, which it isn't. So, a person could wear either side out.

I'd take a picture of it on my person, but whenever I try to take one in the bathroom mirror, all I get is the flash. Don't know how to turn off the flash on this little Canon Powershot I have in my knitting room. But, it fits and looks nice kind of slouching around my neck. It's surprising how warm a person feels when a person's neck is toasty.

It wouldn't do much good to tell you my stitches and rows, since this is mystery yarn. But you could do a swatch and come up with the 29" x 10". The cast on and bind off look pretty similar. I used the circular cast on in the ribber manual. For the bind off, while still doing 1 x 1 rib, I knit one loose row, as loose as the dial would go. Then I transferred the ribber stitches to the main bed and chained off from right to left. Maybe because the pattern is so busy it helps Camouflage the stitches. Really easy to make, that's for sure.