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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Toddler Tam

I think this is hat #8 to be donated. Is a lot cuter in person, but being squished under the lid of the scanner does nothing for it. I'm thinking it will fit a toddler, made to go with the loopy edged scarf. I temporarily sewed the hat to the scarf so that the two don't get separated when donated, in case you were wondering what those loose yarn ends were for.

TODDLER TAM DIRECTIONS I used my never-ending cone of pink Tamm Trenzi (acrylic). The tam is made by doing 9 short-rowed wedges, band knit separately and hung to the edge of the wedges, side seamed on the machine.

CO with waste yarn over 66-0-66 N and knit a few rows. Change to main yarn, carriage at the right, T7 knit one row. Set machine to hold. *Carriage on the left. At side opposite the carriage, hold 2 stitches. Knit 2 rows. (No need to wrap the end needle. Can make a decorative line between wedges.) Repeat until you have 14 N remaining in work. Cancel hold, K 2 rows.* Repeat for 9 wedges. Take off on waste yarn. You have a circle with an open edge. Make a band: 65-0-65 st, T 4, cast on with waste yarn and knit a few rows. With main yarn knit 14 rows, change to T 10 (for a turning row) and knit one row, T 4 knit 15 rows, remove on waste yarn. Hang bottom edge of the hat, knit side facing you, evenly over 132 needles. Push to the back of the bed, hang band in hooks of needles with wrong side facing you. Push stitches through, hang bottom band stitches. Knit one row at T10.. and chain cast off. Hang open sides of end wedges with right sides together, one set of st behind latches, the other in hooks. Push through, knit one row at T10.. and chain cast off. Seam the band by hand and hide the yarn ends. Make a little loopy for the top as described in the earlier scarf pattern with the loopy edge.

Or make an I cord loop.

........and I still have yarn left. I guess it is destined to be waste yarn.......