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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Warming the neck

Colder than Hades here. When I took the dog out this morning it was below zero. It's an adventure breathing when it's that cold. Gertie, the Keeshond, loves it, though. The colder the better. She is perfecting her snow angels and snow plowing routines. She gets on her back and does a reasonable imitation of snow angel-making, then hops up and jumps around 180 degrees, and finally puts her nose under the snow and runs. It's comical. Or, would be if it weren't so cold. I have to offer all manner of treats to get her to come inside. Thinking of knitting her some booties though. She has to lift one paw off the ground until she's made the rounds of all 4, trying to keep her feet from freezing to the ground. Ah....Minnesota winters.

I'm still knitting. Bought some yarn that looks a little like rag wool, except it's cotton and brownish instead of gray. It's a neck warmer thing. On any machine that works with your yarn, Cast on 7 inches worth, knit for 23 inches. Hang beginning stitches on the machine and push to the back of the bed. Hang a bottom side in the hooks of the needles, push stitches through and bind off. I did an attached I cord around the neck to bring it in a little, but it probably wasn't necessary. You can't really see the I cord in the picture. The edges roll anyway, but it doesn't matter. I had two buttons in my stash that go well. If you make it, you might want to make sure you don't twist into a moebius when you hang the second set of stitches. Or maybe you do want to twist it. Up to you. Didn't take long to knit at all!

Two more days and the daughter comes home from Califoria. Even though she grew up here, it's going to be a shock to the system.