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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Going around in circles

More on the adult circular sweater. It's been occupying my knit time of late. I spent many hours (days) knitting with the worsted weight wool using my Brother KX350. Actually knit the whole circle, which involved a lot of transfers and much patience, 12 wedges. When I got done, I hated it for a couple of reasons. The thing ended up to weigh a lot and I didn't even have the sleeves knit or attached yet. Was thinking I'd have to consider it a winter jacket, which was never my vision. Also, although the yarn was gorgeous on the skein, and ok on the swatch, I didn't like it at all when knit in wedges.

Why didn't I quit before finishing the whole circle, you ask? Very good question. I guess I thought the colors would grow on me and the weight wouldn't seem so impressive off the machine. The more time I invested, the more I hated to give it up. But, after sleeping on it a couple of nights, I decided to start over on my standard gauge machine. It makes beautiful, more intricate lace without eye- popping- brain numbing- hand transfers and the weight of the garment wouldn't be an issue.

I have some beautiful Forsell 100% Pure New Wool that knits up so nicely. Swatched a little, tried some different lace patterns for a border, and off I went. I had the opportunity to have dinner with Mary Anne last weekend and got some advice on finishing the thing. It's going to have cut and sew armholes for the sleeves. She suggested cutting an identical sized circle out of muslin or other throw-away fabric, as she did for the cover garment a couple of issues ago, and snipping into that for armholes. Using that method I can hopefully get the sleeve placement right. I think I have an old sheet I used to use to cover the garden to protect from frost--can use that. I would hate to cut into my hard earned knitting and make a mistake after all that. If they could move Thunder Bay to Minneapolis, I'd be one happy camper.

I still need to knit the scallops and haven't decided which color to use. Have knit a couple of trial runs that I can easily rip out. Am debating between white, blood red and a brown (not pictured). I'm pleased that this scallop makes the edge behave without curling. If this masterpiece turns out, I'm hoping MA will publish it. We'll see! Any preference for color?