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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Baby Wrap - A machine knitting pattern

It's a sweet little wrap for a baby, in three sizes: 0-3, 6-9, 12-18 months. An unusual, one piece shape folds to make a short sweater that buttons in the back to create sleeve openings and helps it to stay on. A slightly ruffled edge adds a feminine touch. No ribber is required and DAK is helpful but not necessary to knit the pattern. The written pattern with illustrations and schematic are included as well as the DAK shape files for the different sizes. If you use DAK, you can use my gauge and yarn or substitute something different. When you put your own gauge into DAK, the program will re-calculate the pattern for you to obtain the same shape. I like using cotton for baby clothes, but you have the inevitable shrinkage. Suggestions are given to cope with this phenomenon.

Here's the back view:

Originally I sent this Baby Wrap pattern to Mary Anne Oger for Issue 54 of Knitwords. Sadly she quit publication (but happily she moved on to other good things) before this issue was put together and published. I guess you could say it was all wrapped up. (Sorry, MA for the silly pun.) The baby wrap is knit on any standard gauge machine. As stated, a different machine with a different gauge could easily be used to create the garment if you have DAK.

The pattern is being offered through Pay Pal for $6.00. Click on the BUY NOW button to purchase and it will be emailed to you pronto.


Ludmilla said...

That babywrap looks cute!

Mar said...

Thanks, Ludmilla. It's really sweet and quite different from the typical baby sweater. Makes a good gift!

Monique said...

That's really cute. It looks like a cropped sweater.

Ooakdolly ~ said...

Thank you so much for this lovely pattern. The pattern itself is just wonderful. So many times you get pdf files that are virtually unreadable or poorly designed. This is wonderful. Thank you again!!