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Monday, June 30, 2008

Sneak Peek

Here's a sneak peek of the edge I plan on doing for the circular baby cardigan. I am almost done with the "good" prototype. I find that I need to do just a few wedges at a time and then walk away for a bit. It's not that it's difficult, but my poor mind wanders and I forget what I'm doing. Hope to be able to post a picture of the finished product tomorrow. If I like how this turns out, I will go to my local LYS and buy some really nice yarn to knit an adult version. Am visualizing some hand painted wool...dark blues, purple, olive. Just what I need, more yarn.
Another gorgeous day here in Minnesota. My only obligation is to take the beast in for her yearly shots. Wish it could be skipped---both for her sake and the pocketbook---but I'd rather be safe than sorry. I'm going to ask why the immunity only lasts one year. Curious. Here's hoping you have a spectacular day!